Alternative Candidate Nominated: Aurélie Trouvé

A civil society organization has nominated a very alternative candidate for IMF Managing Director. ATTAC France has nominated its co-president, Aurélie Trouvé, an economist who specializes in agricultural markets.

ATTAC France is best known for its longtime advocacy for financial transaction taxes as a way to control excessive speculation and raise funds for global public goods. Indeed, part of Trouvé’s platform is to eliminate austerity plans and instead introduce FTTs (if my rusty French is not deceiving me).

The rest of her platform calls for international coordination of countries’ economic plans with a priority on ending global imbalances; the development of a new international currency to replace the U.S. dollar; special allocations of the IMF’s “reserve asset,” Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), in order to assist countries facing shocks or crises, and the democratization of the IMF by bringing it into the UN system and giving each country in the world an equal voice in its governance.

ATTAC France acknowledges that French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is more likely to get the job, and describes her as an ultra-neoliberal who has refused to act on President Sarkozy’s stated support for financial transaction taxes, and who has undermined productive international cooperation at the EU and elsewhere.

Civil society groups that would ordinarily be drawn to Trouvé’s platform, including those who post at IMFboss, may, however, balk at the prospect of supporting a French citizen, who would extend that country’s domination of the Managing Director’s slot. Is there any possibility that she also holds citizenship in a Southern country?




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